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The Stark Agency is a full-service accounts receivable solutions firm headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Originally founded in 1948, The Stark Agency remains one of the most highly regarded collection firms in the upper Midwest. For more than 60 years, we have successfully helped countless organizations strengthen their profitability and improve their cash flow.

Our standard collection services also include but are not limited to:
Early Out Program
We offer a pre-collection service through which we will contact our clients’ non-paying customers via personalized letters or phone calls. The communication can be made under our name or our client’s name with payment instructions dictated by our clients. As always, the communication may be customized and additional letters or phone calls can be provided as needed. This program is especially beneficial for current accounts because it allows our clients to identify customers who may need more information about their account and allows for dispute resolution before sending the account to collection. Page Top
Letter Service Programs
We can provide personalized payment delinquency notifications to your non-paying customers. The notices we provide are customized letters designed to encourage your customers to pay their outstanding balances in a timely manner. The letters can be sent under our name or yours and instruct your customers to pay you directly before the account is turned over to full collection. Our clients can convert these accounts to full collection if they wish. Page Top
Calling Campaigns
We understand that reaching a debtor on the phone is the most effective way to recover debt. We work in partnership with our clients to help them develop processes to obtain customer phone numbers so that, if an account is placed in collections, we have an increased likelihood of collecting the account quickly. We also use a sophisticated web-based predictive dialing campaign that can be pre-set for peak contact times with or without an attendant, increasing our debtor contacts each day. Page Top
Asset Searches & Trial Process Management
Stark provides complete asset search services to determine whether or not an account is suit worthy. If a debtor is not paying a debt we feel they have the assets to cover, we will recommend legal action be taken to recover the debt. We do not pursue legal action without express, written authorization from our clients. In the event that legal action is requested, we have a network of attorneys throughout the Midwest with whom we routinely partner for litigation. Stark covers all court costs and attorneys fees. Page Top
Skip Tracing
Locating a debtor is the first step to fast, efficient recovery. The day an account is placed with us, we run it through the National Change of Address (NCOA) system. Our work continues throughout the collection cycle as needed, utilizing various data bases and investigative tools to locate each debtor as quickly as possible. We have an extensive database of debtors throughout the country. Our longevity in the collection industry and the diversity of our client base has allowed Stark to capture information on a wide variety of individuals. Page Top
Credit Bureau Listings
Stark reports to the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union – and lists commercial accounts with Dun & Bradstreet. We send data once a month with all new referrals and updates as required by law and are 100% compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Page Top
Second Placement Programs
Delinquent accounts place a significant drain on a company’s resources, eroding profitability and cash flow. Effective reassignment of accounts to an agency experienced in second placement collections can result in a dramatic increase in recovery results. The Stark Agency has the tools and resources in place to provide effective, successful second placement services. We have an extensive database of debtors throughout the country. Our longevity in the collection industry and the diversity of our client base has allowed Stark to capture information on a wide variety of individuals. Page Top
A/R and IT Consulting and Training
In business, cash is king. Without it, no business can survive and no government agency can deliver the services needed by its citizens. The Stark Agency has the knowledge and expertise to help government agencies and businesses of every size and industry type manage their debt collection processes for optimal results. We thoroughly analyze each client’s collection policies and procedures and the results they produce to identify customized solutions designed to improve cash flow and profitability. In addition, our Director of Information Technology is available for consultations regarding electronic placement of accounts and internal processes. These services are free of charge to our clients. Page Top
No Charge Online Client Access
Our client web portal, called ClientConnect, gives our clients information about their accounts on their terms. ClientConnect is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and provides around-the-clock secure access to account information. Clients may use the system to electronically submit information to Stark, view or print standard reports and remittance statements, report payments and balance adjustments, list new accounts and send messages to Agency staff. Page Top
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